A Freelancing Guide for Experienced Professionals

Where the traditional boundaries between work and life stages are increasingly blurred, the notion of a 'Third Age' as a distinct post-retirement phase is becoming outdated.

While the official retirement age in Australia is now 67, many people retire earlier, still possessing years of valuable experience, knowledge, and wisdom that they are eager to share and utilise further.

Lynda Gratton's and Andrew J Scott's compelling insights in their books on the 100-Year Life highlight how our professional lives are transforming into an ongoing mix of learning, working, and leisure, transcending age barriers.

This evolution opens up unique opportunities, particularly for women, to reshape their career trajectories at any stage of life. One increasingly popular avenue is freelancing.

I've adopted "freelancing" as a broad label encompassing independent consulting and self-employment roles. In line with Matthew Mottola's perspective, using a single, precise term helps streamline communication and avoid confusion.

In professional B2B engagements, freelancing involves individuals offering specialised skills and services to businesses on a project or contractual basis. This approach melds the flexibility and autonomy of self-employment with the necessity of direct client interaction, demanding robust expertise and effective self-management.

In "The Empty Raincoat," Charles Handy speaks to the potential for transformation and growth that comes with changing times. While Handy's concept of the Third Age focused on post-work Life, the reality today is that professional opportunities no longer fit neatly into a linear timeline.

Instead, they weave through the tapestry of our longer lives, offering chances to reinvent, learn, and contribute at every stage.

This shift in work dynamics is especially pertinent for women who may have navigated career breaks or transitions at various points in their lives.

The modern work landscape, emphasising flexibility, skill, and adaptability, opens new doors. Freelancing emerges as a compelling option, offering the freedom to tailor a career that aligns with individual life stages, skills, and aspirations.

The Third Age: A Time for Reimagining Work:

The Third Age is not about stepping back but stepping into new roles, leveraging decades of experience. It's a period ripe for blending professional skills with personal passions, leading to fulfilling and lucrative careers.

The Freelancing Advantage: Flexibility and Empowerment:

Freelancing is about creating a career that suits your lifestyle and goals. It's a path filled with possibilities, from consulting to content creation, offering the freedom to choose projects that align with your expertise and interests.

Real-Life Inspirations: Stories of Success:

Take the story of Gail Greatorex of Product Safety Solutions. After a fulfilling career in government focusing on consumer product safety and design, Gail didn't just retire; she reinvented herself.

She launched her business, leveraging her vast knowledge to assist companies with compliance, training, and assessments. Gail's work is driven by creativity and problem-solving, leading to writing a novel and her involvement in the ClimateWise Associations Project.

As an established expert, she's often invited to influential forums and collaborates with industry leaders. Her advice is pragmatic and principles-based, a reflection of her hands-on experience.

Today, Gail is a thought leader in her field, offering training and influencing policy through her website, podcasts, and blog.

The Wisepreneurs Podcast has many more examples through interviews with Lisa-Marie Cabrelli, Krisna Hanks, MS, MBA, Lisa Ross-Marcus, Mark Elliott FRSA, Suzanne Noble, Jane Hudson, Anthea Green and Meredith Fuller OAM (who continuously reinvents herself).

Preparing for a Successful Freelance Career:

Transitioning to a successful freelance career requires a strategic blend of personal branding and market savvy. Start by identifying your unique skills and packaging them into services that meet business needs, then determine their value based on market rates and your expertise.

Craft a compelling value proposition highlighting how your services solve specific problems or enhance a business, making you an indispensable asset.

Alongside building your brand, focus on understanding the business aspects of freelancing, like contracts and taxes, while continuously adapting your skills to stay relevant in a dynamic market.

This approach establishes your professional identity and makes sure that your freelance venture resonates with a unique and valuable offering in the competitive market.

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Navigating Challenges: Ageism and Other Barriers:

Despite facing challenges like ageism, remember that your experience and capabilities are your most valuable assets. Leverage your years of expertise as a testament to your reliability and depth of knowledge, effectively turning age into an advantage.

Sometimes, you may feel a disconnect between the experience and talent you have built up over your career that saps your confidence. If this happens to you, seek support, encouragement, and guidance from mentors, peers, and your professional network. This not only helps you to bridge the gap but also strengthens your self-belief. Your experience represents not just an asset but a testament to the resilience and progression of your professional journey, illustrating how far you have come.

Embracing the Freelance Path in the Third Age:

Traditional career trajectories give way to more fluid, adaptable paths, especially for experienced professionals. My article underscores the evolving nature of professional life, where retirement is no longer a full stop but a comma leading to new beginnings. Freelancing is an opportunity for those seeking to continue using and growing their wealth of experience.

Freelancing encompasses roles in independent consulting and self-employment and is particularly suited to the changing dynamics of today’s work environment. It demands expertise, personal branding, and an entrepreneurial mindset. The stories of Gail Greatorex and others featured on the Wisepreneurs Podcast illuminate the potential for reinvention and success.

In preparing for a successful freelance career, valuing your skills, crafting a unique value proposition, and embracing continuous learning are essential. Moreover, the challenge of bridging any gaps between self-perception and true potential highlights the role of supportive networks in enhancing self-belief.

Ultimately, this journey through the concept of freelancing in the Third Age reveals that our professional lives are not bound by age or stage but are part of your ever-evolving tapestry of experience, learning, and resilience. It’s a chance to embrace this new stage of your life with confidence, creativity, and an unyielding spirit of exploration.

Please feel free to DM me, Nigel Rawlins, to discuss any challenges or questions you have about transitioning to freelancing in the Third Age.


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The Wisepreneurs Podcast can be found here https://www.wisepreneurs.au/

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