Affordable hands-on marketing support for professional women 50+ with strategy, advice and implementation

For Solopreneurs, Freelancers,
Independent Consultants & Self-Employed

  • Empower Your Vision
  • Navigate Transitions
  • Tailored Strategies
  • Achieve Independence

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The Wisepreneurs Podcast

Dive into the Wisepreneurs Podcast:
Real Stories from Women Entrepreneurs and Expert Insights to Fuel Your Journey

Guest: Lisa Marie Cabrelli

Marketing Support for Professional Women
 Making The Shift To A Freelance Future

Two Decades of Mastery
With over 20 years in the arena, you're tapping into deep-rooted marketing expertise.

Empowering Women Professionals
We resonate with the distinct challenges and dreams of skilled women experts making the pivot to self-employment.

All-Inclusive Support
From actionable marketing blueprints to fine-tuning your workflow, we stand by you at every turn.

Expertise That’s Accessible
Benefit from grounded advice and tailored services, all without stretching your budget.

Beyond Business As Usual
In an ever-shifting business landscape, true success lies in continuous evolution and learning. With Wisepreneurs, it's not about merely navigating the business world, but about imbibing knowledge and adapting with agility.

Your Partner in Progress
Embarking on self-employment is an empowering journey. With Wisepreneurs by your side, it's a shared odyssey towards creating a success story uniquely yours.

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Unlock Decades of Marketing & Business Mastery Tailored For The Independent Professional Woman.
Supporting Your journey To Self-Employment Or Freelance Career, Simplified.

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Voices of Success

Gail Greatorex: Product Safety Specialist

Nigel's expertise was pivotal in shaping my business journey. His holistic approach to business, especially marketing, was a game-changer.

Gail Greatorex

Product Safety Specialist

Anthea Green: Founder Women Who Stand Up

"Nigel brings clarity, empathy, a deep understanding of business and very constructive support. He puts a great deal of work into his sessions and offers very generously of his reading and research. He gave me hints and leads that would have taken me hours to find. I will be going back to him as I reach various key milestones in the development of the concept. I think he can add value to anyone who wants to move on or change pathways in their career."

Anthea Green

Founder Women Who Stand Up