Marketing Support for independent professional women 50-70+ to help you secure meaningful, enjoyable work that recognizes and values your skills and experience.

They Say

Gail Greatorex

Product Safety Solutions

Nigel's expertise was pivotal in shaping my business journey. His holistic approach to business, especially marketing, was a game-changer.

Gail Greatorex: Product Safety Specialist

Anthea Green

Independent Professional

"Nigel brings clarity, empathy, a deep understanding of business and very constructive support. He puts a great deal of work into his sessions and offers very generously of his reading and research. He gave me hints and leads that would have taken me hours to find. I will be going back to him as I reach various key milestones in the development of the concept. I think he can add value to anyone who wants to move on or change pathways in their career."

Anthea Green: Founder Women Who Stand Up

About Me.

Two Decades of Mastery
I'm Nigel Rawlins and with over 20 years in marketing services, you can tap into my wide ranging marketing expertise.

Empowering Professionals
I've always worked with professionals, most often women and recognise the challenges they face in making the shift to self employment and their ongoing work. It's not all about work, especially if you want a lifestyle business that doesn't weigh you down.

All-Inclusive Support
I've been working with a range of clients to help get their marketing done, That means building and maintaining their websites that focus on helping them get more business. I help write the marketing copy, work on the SEO, so that you get found on Google and Bing, and make sure your website hums. But it is more than that, I can help with your projects, documents, artwork and tap into my network of reasonably priced freelancers to make things happen.

Expertise That’s Accessible
You can tap into my practical advice and the expertise I bring to the table, all without stretching your budget. I'll be there for you when you need it.

Beyond Business As Usual
True success lies in continuous evolution and learning. With Wisepreneurs, it's not about merely navigating the business world, but about understanding how knowledge and intelligent labour impacts your productivity and how I can support you.

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