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shifting to self-employment for senior professional women

shifting to self employment

You are not alone.

Designing a life that works for you
If you feel that your current work is an endless grind,
your co-workers or boss aren't respecting you, or
your prospects of advancement are being held back
you may want to consider shifting to self employment.
  More so, if close to retirement or being offered a redundancy package.
Making the shift by yourself is often hard because those around you
don't often understand why you want to do such a brave thing.
Or maybe you are just feeling stuck and
need some helpful advice about how best to explore your options. 

Transitions, re-creation, and future possibilities using your expertise to start your own business.
Nigel Rawlins

Nigel has been an enormous help to me in setting up my business. He is across so many aspects of running a small business, but especially the marketing. He is very knowledgable and thoughtful in recommending strategies to build a client base and gain momentum. This includes advising on what's worth spending money on, and what isn't. And he's very personable. Highly recommended.

Gail Great​​​​​​orex

people working with Nigel

Senior public servant
An expert senior public servant, still working. Reframing her work and building and deepening her expertise while setting themselves up to shift into their own business over the next two years.
Ongoing collaboration.

Retired senior public servant
With unique expert knowledge, having made the shift to self employment, focused on purpose and business know-how and marketing. Weekly coaching, advice, assistance and implementation.
Ongoing collaboration.

Relationship counsellor
Originally wanting some extra weekend work, while working full time. So successful that within 3 months she ended up quitting her full time job due to the demand.
Ongoing collaboration.

Relationship Counsellor
Seeking part-time counselling work in semi-retirement, this gifted professional had unique mediation and counselling skills. We worked on purpose, her know-how and who she would like to work with.
Ongoing collaboration.

Women's Health Practitioner
Wanting to shift her area of focus from chiropractor to work more as a women's health advisor/counsellor. Ongoing engagement on reaching out to their preferred customer group.
Ongoing collaboration.

Retired 72 year old historian
Wanting to share her knowledge of early first fleet settlers to Australia, I worked with her to focus on developing one of the most popular Australian websites for the topic with over
20 000 visitors per month.
Ongoing collaboration.

Looking for opportunities to explore her expertise and collaborate with other interesting creatives on projects of mutual interest.
Advice, ongoing marketing support and collaboration on projects together. 
Ongoing collaboration.

Property Styling
Helping with their focus on designing and naming the business, setting up systems and their marketing implementation. This client had a marketing background, real-estate experience as a real estate agent and property developer all coming together in a creative, productive lifestyle business for herself and family members.

Environmental Art and Design
With the focus on being a self-sustaining artist on projects he wants to work on and create a decent living. Systems, advice and a focus on attracting the work that he loves doing, while making sure the business is sustainable.
Ongoing collaboration.

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