Navigating Your Freelance Transition Together

Forge Your Freelance Future with Confidence

Are you a professional woman, aged 50-60+, with a wealth of expertise in your domain, and thinking about the transition into self-employment or a freelance future?

Or, maybe you have already made the transition and need someone to help you with your marketing.

You're navigating common waters. Many women like you are not only seeking a career shift but a purposeful, values-driven transition that doesn't necessitate leaping without looking.

Self-employment, becoming a solopreneur or freelancer means meticulously crafting a business that’s sustainable, self-funded, and aligned with your core values. It’s an audacious move, yet, every daring transition is softened with a skilled companion alongside.

Your Partner in this Transition

Your friends and loved ones might grasp fragments of your dreams, or they might grapple with the best ways to help your transition. That’s where my expertise bridges the gap.

With over 20 years working with many clients on their marketing and strategy, I’ve traversed the route you’re mapping out. I've worked with them through their challenges, helped them to pivot with intent, and master the tangible intricacies that transform aspiration into success.

Championing Women in Their Prime

Over the years, I've proudly partnered with numerous accomplished women, many of whom chose to redefine their paths, either by embracing early retirement or pioneering their own endeavors.

Our collaboration commences by delving into your passions, aspirations, and the invaluable insights your journey has cultivated.

Together, we'll work together to shine a light on your distinct expertise, and craft a positioning statement to help you focus on your core talent and preferred clients.

The next steps are all about discerning choices: the pursuits that set your soul alight, the clientele you're eager to empower, and the blueprints to captivate their interest.

Armed with a potent mix of strategy, mentorship, and hands-on guidance, I'll work with you at every juncture, ensuring your trajectory is marked by unwavering clarity and intention. I'll be there for you.

After all, genuine triumph is a curated journey, not merely a dash to the finish.

Beyond Words: Embodied Expertise

I'm not just a voice behind a desk. My hands have been in the thick of it, setting up the very tools and systems that have propelled businesses forward.

My commitment? Continuous learning. I've delved into countless online programs, tested them, and integrated the best into my repertoire. And yes, I've stumbled and faced setbacks, but that's the beauty of it. I've navigated the pitfalls so you can have a smoother journey. Especially when time feels more precious than ever, I'm here to fast-track your ascent.

A Legacy of Expertise

At the helm of 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd, I've seen the evolution of marketing firsthand. From the tactile world of print to the dynamic digital realm, I've collaborated with diverse businesses, crafting strategies, building robust websites, and amplifying their online presence. The results speak for themselves, with many clients witnessing a surge in traffic and business growth. But as the seasons change, so do priorities. Now, my focus is on empowering professional women like you and helping you carve out your niche in the entrepreneurial world.

Sustainability at Heart

Wisepreneurs™ isn't just a name; it's a commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Harnessing the power of the sun and nurturing an organic garden, every step is a stride towards sustainability. 

On a personal note, life has been a blend of happy moments with my three grown up children and the simple pleasures of homegrown produce.

Integrity, ethics, and purpose drive my actions, both in business and life.

If my journey resonates with you, let's explore how we can collaborate.

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Warm regards,

Nigel Rawlins

Your Wisepreneur Guide

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