A Guiding Hand For Independent Professionals

Helping Independent Professionals Thrive in Their 50s, 60s, and Beyond

Are you a professional woman in your 50s, 60s, or beyond, with a wealth of expertise in your domain, considering the transition to becoming a self-employed independent professional?

Or perhaps you've already made the leap and you would like some expert marketing and business support to help you with your work?

My Wisepreneurs Project has been set up to support independent professionals make the shift to self employment. I work with independent professionals, often aged 50-70+, blending strategy, marketing, business mastery, and real-world execution to help you survive, grow, and thrive.

My expertise is marketing services earned through working in my company called 13th Beach Marketings Services, named after a famous surf beach in Victoria, close to where I lived when I set up the business.

13th Beach Marketing offers local marketing services, close to where I live. I help my clients get their marketing done. That includes a whole range of services from websites, design, SEO, marketing copywriting, working out strategy, monitor their website traffic and Google Search results. Just about all the things that help them connect with their clients or customers.

The Wisepreneurs Project is another direction. Most of my 13th Beach Marketing Services clients are women, depending on the project, they can be employees of the business I look after, or the owner. I am very comfortable working with women and they are my preferred clients. We get on well and work collaboratively.

The Wisepreneurs Project champions independent professional women across the world

It can be tough making the transition from working in a job to running your own business. Finding the right support can be difficult as there is a lot of choice. 

That's where my expertise bridges the gap. With extensive experience working with many clients on their marketing, strategy, and marketing execution, I have a good idea of how to understand the route you're mapping out. 

Championing Professionals

Over the years, I've worked closely with professionals who've chose to redefine their paths, either through early retirement or setting out to work on their chosen purpose. Our collaboration starts by exploring, clarifying and mapping out your aspirations (your desired future) and your invaluable insights from your life. Together, we'll map out a practical, doable path to make the best use of your expertise and I will work with you to make it happen. To get the work you love and get paid for it. And, now that we are older, time feels more precious than ever. I can help you get moving on the right things.

The Wisepreneurs Project Podcast and Articles

The Wisepreneurs podcast offers practical advice tailored for professionals in their 50s, 60s, and beyond who are thinking of working for themselves or becoming independent professionals. I talk to a range of professionals from across the world covering topics such as optimizing your life and work, highlighting productivity, health, cognitive agility, and mastering business, marketing, and knowledge management. The same goes for my blog articles.

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