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    Finding your way

    Finding your way

    I work with professional women, and the odd creative men, who are experts in their field wanting to start their own business and move to self-employment.

    For many this might actually involve working with me while they are still employed, making a transition, rather than jumping straight into it.

    Self employment means starting up a sustainable business, one that is ongoing and funds itself, and one that has meaning and purpose for you.

    It is not easy to make this leap, so sometimes you need to be brave and have a guide, or coach who can help you get there faster.


    Sometimes you need a helping hand

    Your close friends and loved ones may not always be supportive or know how to help you make this shift, so a helping hand, from someone who is supportive, and knows the practical ropes to follow, may be of help.

    My work is practical, based on my research, insight and know-how from starting my own business from scratch and then working with many clients over the last 20 years in my marketing services firm.

    I start with where you are, and work with you to explore your interests, motivations, deep knowledge and what life has taught you.

    I'll assist you to make some decisions about the work that you want to do, and would enjoy doing, and what customers you might like to work with and how to attract them.

    Then I will work with you with a mix of strategy, consulting, coaching and know-how from my marketing services work, to get started and keep moving forward.

    wisepreneurs are we there yet

    Hence are we there yet?...it takes time to do this right.

    The simple idea is that what we do together is logical, visible and repeatable.

    Researcher, Writer, Advisor

    I don’t just talk, read books and spout wisdom. I've been working with clients over the last 15 years to set up the tools, systems and processes to provide lead generation and get customers or clients.

    I spend a lot of my time learning new stuff and applying it and use the techniques and programs I recommend.

    I’ve also experimented and trialled a lot of online programs and used many of them. Most nowadays in the cloud.

    I've also made lots of mistakes and wasted lots of money.

    So you don’t have to.

    I can save you money, the time and the frustration of making costly choices that won’t help your business get off the ground and grow.

    As my time is limited, I can only work with a small group of clients or projects at any time.

    If you are considering working with me it is a good idea to contact me sooner, rather than later.

    Background and Expertise

    I am the owner of 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd, an Australian marketing services firm, based in Geelong. For the last 15 years I have been working with a range of business owners. Originally I undertook a range of print based marketing projects and campaigns, but now, most of my work has been digital.

    I have worked with over 50 clients, across a variety of businesses, and for many of them provided strategic and marketing direction, built their WordPress websites, helped or created the content and maintained and analysed their digital assets on an ongoing basis.

    Many of those sites are performing extremely well, bringing considerable traffic and business for my clients.

    However, I am now older and moving away from this business towards the collaborations with professional women who are experts in their field.
    You may want to work with me too, if so, please see Coaching/Consulting

    Nigel Rawlins
    Chief Wisepreneur

    Nigel Rawlins