The Ability to see Expertise

"To truly see what an expert sees, you'll need some understanding of what is difficult — or important — about the technique. When watching tennis, for instance, experienced tennis players will react to certain shots in ways that I, as a non-player, will not; this comes from a deep understanding of what makes the technique difficult."

From: Ability to See Expertise Is a Milestone Worth Aiming For by Cedric Chin

Appreciating Expertise

Understanding a technique's difficulty or importance allows us to appreciate and learn from an expert. Experienced tennis players know how to react to certain shots because they have had hours of practice, unlike non-players. It is the same when we recognise the talent of a fantastic athlete.

Experience, wisdom and challenges

If you have been contemplating self-employment, your expertise comes from combining years of experience, wisdom and understanding of the underlying challenges within your field. The challenge of self-employment is that you must develop the expertise to run a small solo business while managing yourself.

Mentors and Coaches

Seeking mentorship, coaching, and training from those who have made the shift will help you to build a solid business foundation, accelerate growth, and effectively manage the stress and uncertainty that is part and parcel of the shift.

Experts in Action

Watching an expert in action makes the seemingly impossible look effortless. It's not just about natural talent; it's about understanding the challenges and nuances of the work and hours they put into honing their craft. When transitioning from a professional career to self-employment, embracing the learning challenges can be the key to unlocking your potential and achieving success.

Networks, gigs and organising yourself

Initially, when starting, experts in their field can often get work through their network, depending on your reputation and expertise. In the long run, there are essential business skills to learn, such as how to organise your time within a business, market yourself, put together a proposal, price your work, make a sale and get paid, the accounts, routine admin tasks, and completing your client work so you can get paid along with coping with the rest of your life.

It’s a learning process

The whole point of this article is that self-employment is a learning process, and it takes time. Building a support system and learning from experts will make you better aware of any obstacles and help you make informed decisions. If your area of expertise is in demand, understanding the challenges and seeking expert guidance will make the path easier.