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    Helping professional women shift to self employment

    Shifting to self employment for professional women, small business victoria festival seminar


    For want of a better word, it’s a journey, hence, are we there yet?
    Based in Geelong, Australia, I set up a company called 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd about 15 years ago to provide marketing services to a range of business owners and organisations. I still do this work with a mix of clients. But more of my work nowadays is with professional women, generally in the 50 plus age group, who want to move to self employment.

    If this is you, I can help you focus the career capital you have accumulated (skills, knowledge and wisdom) and work with you to decide what to do and how. Then I tag along for part of the journey working with you to help make it happen through coaching and marketing implementation – ie. building your website and focusing on the systems to attract the right customers or clients you want to work with. As my clients are all older and wiser, I use the term wisepreneurs to describe them.

    Nigel Rawlins

    Moving from No-What to Know-What

    Moving from a position of having No-What to a more powerful Know-What. I will work with you to help you narrow your focus, create a meaningful, to you, business, and work with you to help you achieve it

    Moving from No-How to Know-How

    I work with my clients on an ongoing basis, helping them focus on what is important, while getting them up to speed with practical business strategy, marketing, systems and tools to help them move from having No-How to a more powerful Know-How through business and marketing coaching

    Marketing is it

    All marketing is now digital, it is about connecting with your customers or clients. I’ve been building websites and undertaking marketing campaigns for over 15 years now and I’ll share that wisdom with you through ongoing coaching and implementation