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Shifting to self employment
seminars and workshops


photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

These are a more affordable options in comparison to consulting,
but require you to attend a session in Geelong or Melbourne, Australia.

From No-What to Know-What  
Strategy focusing on what is possible, what you want to do,
why and how based on your skills, knowledge and wisdom.
Creating self-supporting productive work or
aiming to create something larger.

Narrowing down what you want to be so as to establish yourself as
the expert in your town, region, state, country. Just how good can you be?

From No-How to Know-How
Establishing your products or services and connecting them to your
preferred customers, turning prospects into profitable customers
Digital Marketing-  digital connections via the web and social media -
tested and productive systems to attract prospective customers or clients

Business Models
Defining your business, how to think about your business in terms of the money:
revenue, pricing your products or services, marketing/selling costs,
admin costs and profitability and how it impacts on your time.

Business Systems
Making it all work with technology, software, systems and outsourcing

Making it work together - your life, relationships, health, business and the work.

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