We live in a world of powerful distractions, hence the need for a means of helping stay focused. I found the Headspace meditation app made a huge difference to my ability to stay focused on tasks and not react overly emotionally to any set backs. It's one that I happily subscribed to until Sam Harris released Waking Up, see next entry.

Waking Up with Sam Harris

Sam Harris has released an app on how to meditate. I've used it everyday and it's now my favourite and only meditation app. It is guided meditation and goes deep into what consciousness is, and introduces you to a variety of meditation styles. If you want to understand your mind and consciousness, this is an education in itself. The first 5 meditations are free, after that it is USD$15 per month or USD$120 pa. Please note, if you cannot afford this, Sam suggests emailing them and they will make it free for a year, please do not abuse this.

Storing and Organising Notes

I have tried lots of ways to store ideas, notes and useful information. I have used Evernote to store and organise all my notes including photographs, written notes, images, business cards, receipts and more and and placed them in relevant folders. The problem is that after awhile you have hundreds of notes and they can get out of hand. Yes, you can search for them, but I think maybe just use this resource for storing PDF's etc, provided that you can find them again.

Roam Research

I have been using Roam Research for several years now to take notes, it is hard to describe roam, but is an intelligent note-taking system and very useful for research and writing. See Nat Eliason's video below for a better explanation, he also has an introductory course to learn how to use Roam.

Wisepreneurs YouTube Channel

Selected YouTube videos to stimulate your business ideas, creativity and more. From Alain de Botton, Seth Godin, Yuval Noah Harari and more. Well worth a visit.


I like to listen to podcasts when I go for walks, when I have to do housework or gardening, or travelling. Here are a few I find interesting. I am actually getting sick of listening to business podcasts, preferring to read a book instead.

See what you think...

On my iPhone I use the Pocket Casts plugin to organise them

The Darkhorse Podcast with evolutionary biologists Brett Weinstein and Heather Heying

Making Sense with Sam Harris—he's a neuroscientist, philosopher and public intellectual, I actually donate monthly to support his podcast-this podcast will make you smarter

Curious Minds with Gayle Allen—well researched question for newly published non-fiction, thoughtful questions with knowledgable and interesting guests

On Being with Krista Tippet - questions about meaning in our lives, always something interesting to hear

The Jordan B Peterson Podcast - Jordan Peterson is the author of the 12 Rules for Life and a public intellectual, well worth listening to.

The Tim Ferris Show - Tim Ferris is way out there with long interviews on a range of interesting topics, from time to time I find interesting conversations I like to listen to

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