Positioning your business

You may be working, or want to work, as a consultant, coach, trainer or in some other capacity applying your specialist skills to a task, project or client group.

What’s a business?

All businesses solve a problem.
Whether you need a good feed, fix your teeth, build or fix something, learn something new and more.

A niche business is positioned by creating products or services that target a specific market. Preferably with some competitors. Otherwise, there may not be a market to serve.


Your future depends on keeping your skills and know-how valuable and up-to-date—knowledge in your field and the digital tools that will augment your expertise. Carol Dweck writes about having a growth mindset – where you excel by putting in the effort and hard yards to continue to develop your talent. Age or gender is no barrier.

Your real value is in the creativity and problem-solving you bring to your clients, not always in the doing.

Networked & known

Your aim is to be seen as a leader in your field.

You do this two ways: Through getting out and about and through your website for your website which means producing good quality advice to attract the attention of those who need and can afford your help.

This also means keeping in contact with your industry peers and leaders and attending the right conferences and events so that people know who you are and what you do.

Don’t compete on price

If you match prices with your competitors or copy them, even benchmark against them, stop it. That defines your products or services as a commodity.

Stand out for your chosen clients or customers

Narrow your focus by choosing the client group you want to serve and how you can help them. What you do is not for everybody. You make this very clear in all your communication, especially on your website, just like I have with wisepreneurs for professional women over 50. Knowing their problems and the way you can help them. The more you work with them, the better practitioner or specialist you become.

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