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Welcome to the Wisepreneurs Podcast, a podcast helping professional women make the shift to self-employment.

Wisepreneurs™ Podcast Guests

Our first guest is Gail Greatorex of Product Safety Solutions. For 25 years she worked in consumer product safety with the Australian Government, mostly at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. She made the shift to self-employment and now runs a busy consultancy and training business promoting consumer product safety and design, in Australia and beyond. You can find her website at 

Meredith Fuller on careers, work and self-employment episode 4 of the Wisepreneurs Podcast

Meredith Fuller Career Counsellor

Meredith Fuller, psychologist, author, playwright and careers counsellor of over 30 years speaks with Nigel Rawlins about careers, work, self-employment and what to think about your work in times of COVID. 

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