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understanding business and startups

Mature entrepreneurs and startups

Understanding Business

When I first started out, the only advice I could find were books, the odd video, classes, talking to an accountant, or going along to seminars. None of it really helped me reach the understanding I now have. I’ve done the hard yards, made the mistakes, and hopefully can help send you in the right direction.

Nowadays, thousands of older entrepreneurs are founding startups. And when you are starting out, it pays to be knowledgable about how a business works. Especially if you haven’t run one before.

Believe me, it is not all common sense, and finding good advice is not easy. But that is part of the experience you gain, and the learning to come.

If you are new to business, or exploring the idea of starting your own one, the following videos will give you some insights into how a business works.

While often it is luck that makes a business successful, for the rest of us, we really need to have a better understanding of we are doing.

Apart from good health, knowledge, wisdom and skills you’ve gained over a lifetime, some capital to spend and perserverence, knowledge of how a business works is most important.

More so as you start out.

I have selected these two videos as good introductions with inspiration and good, deep knowledge to help you on your journey. I hope you enjoy them as I did.

Jessica Jackley, author Clay, Water, Brick

Jessica worked established Kiva, a website that allows you to lend small amounts of money to entrepreneurs across the world, amounts as small as $25.

With a 98.6% repayment rate and over USD$760 million lent, it is working well.

This is an important video as it describes how one can start something with just what is in front of you. The sticking point for many businesses is that you can get stuck. Watch this and be inspired to get moving.

Kiva’s Jessica Jackley: How Entrepreneurs Can Do a Lot with a Little from [email protected]

An Introduction to Entrepreneurial Management with Nathan Monk

Nathan Monk is a senior strategist for the MaRS Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector. He is a lean-agile evangelist, mentor, digital strategist and growth hacker/marketer. Well worth spending the time to listen to.

The focus of this video is help you reduce the risk of failure. His advice is about being aware of where you can stumble in your startup business and how to avoid them.

The number one question that he poses to you is ‘What would you like to do well for an extended period of time…’

Watch this one a few times, it is well worth your time.