Future possibilities

You are going to live longer, and your retirement could last for 30 years or more

Retirement without meaningful work can lead to cognitive decline and ageing faster

By using your expertise and enhancing your capability you can create a better future for yourself and others.

Focus on the possible

It’s not easy to start a business in order to exploit your know how and expertise. You need to be brave...

You've already done a lot of things in your life. And when you've spent a few years in the work-force there's less time for learning the ins-and-outs of starting a business.

Twenty years ago I tried to make the shift and failed.  I had no idea what to do or how.  Luckily I found a guide who helped me transform what I do, and  get a better understanding of how it all works.

We start with a conversation

Having recently consulted with Nigel Rawlins on a fresh business concept, I wholeheartedly endorse his expertise. Nigel offers a unique blend of insight, compassion, and profound business acumen. Every session is a testament to his dedication, enriched by his extensive research and knowledge.

Nigel's guidance is invaluable for those seeking a career pivot or progression.

Anthea Green

Anthea Green, Experienced Non-Executive Director and CEO with three decades in Healthcare and Disability sectors.

Would you like help with your marketing?

Expert Insights

Book a one on one consultation session to explore working as an independent professional including where to start, how to market your business, how to understand a business, how to work productively, how to transition from full time work etc.

Would you like my help to explore your aspirations in more detail?

Coaching & Mentoring

Let's work on your productivity, health, and cognitive agility to master your business, marketing and knowledge management. Maybe you need help on where to start, how to focus on what's important and get things done in your business, help to attract clients, pricing.

Would you like my ongoing help as a trusted advisor?

Professional Website Design

Launch your online presence with our done for you, all-in-one website packages. From custom design to copywriting, SEO and hosting, we handle every aspect, ensuring a professional, high-performing website that drives results.

Would you like my help to do that?

See below for some of my work.

The Works

Everything to the left plus would you like practical support where I roll up my sleeves to build you a practical, marketing focused website, or work, or rework the one you have  to reach out to your prospective clients.  Work on your SEO, sales copy, design, plus help supply a range of other necessary services. This is what I do for most of my clients.

Would you like me to do that for you too?

Examples of Our Professional Websites

Unlock Your Pathway

Explore your potential futures based on your career capital

AUD $999

payable in advance

  • Discovery Questionnaire: Kick off with an insightful questionnaire, laying the foundation.
  • Interactive Dive: A 90-minute Zoom call to discuss, dissect, and dream.
  • In-depth Feedback: I'll follow up with detailed emails to clarify, answer, and inspire.
  • Final Alignment: We'll reconvene for a concluding 90-minute dialogue, ensuring you're equipped, clear, and poised for the journey ahead.

Unlock Your Pathway: Deep Dive Insight & Direction Session
Embark on Exploration: Together, we'll explore your expertise, and look at some potential horizons.
Informed Insight: Before our first interaction, I'll undertake preliminary research to bring informed perspectives to our conversation.
This ensures our time is optimised and tailored to you.

Pivot and Prosper

Ongoing marketing and strategy mentorship

$600 monthly

  • Efficient Growth: Save time, money, and bypass digital hurdles as your business flourishes.
  • Targeted Connections: Attract clients who value and seek your expertise.
  •    Earned Recognition: Stand out among peers for your skills and accomplishments.
  • Strategic Progression: Navigate crucial steps for business resilience and growth.
  • Community Impact: Leverage your expertise to uplift your community and beyond.

Strategic Renewal: Whether you're navigating current responsibilities or steering an existing business, our collaboration offers a strategic lens to view and evolve your professional journey.

Transition Blueprint: If you're contemplating becoming an independent professional, we'll co-create a roadmap tailored to ensure a smooth, confident transition.

Guided Focus: Benefit from coaching/mentoring sessions, all designed with a long-term vision to solidify your aspirations.

Dedicated Support: Engage in 3 hours of in-depth sessions monthly, complemented by ongoing email or phone communication for clarity and momentum.

Expertise Amplified

I'll work with you as a part of your team on your marketing strategy & help make it happen

from $1200/month

Our collaboration encompasses:

  • Collaborative Execution: Seamlessly integrate planning and action.
  • Consistent Mentorship: Benefit from ongoing guidance and insight
  • Build or Rebuild your website, optimised for search
  • Platform Mastery: Maximise potential on LinkedIn
  • Sales & Marketing Synergy: Comprehensive support for setting up your ongoing marketing and sales systems

Please note, terms and conditions are applicable.

Working Together: Our collaboration isn't merely a beginning, we become your marketing team, helping to build your brand and reputation.

Elevate & Resonate: Together, we'll identify your unique expertise, refining your personal brand's voice to truly resonate with your ideal audience.

Digital Mastery: We do more than just establish an online presence; we ensure it's compelling, authentic, and memorable.

Strategic Momentum: From launching effective marketing campaigns to integrating powerful tools, we'll set you on a trajectory to maintain momentum and realize your objectives.

Hands-on Setup & Support: Whether it's designing your website or initiating your marketing, we’ll be there, ensuring each step aligns with your vision. Our practical systems keep you focused, efficient, and on the path to success.

Unearth Your Potential

In-depth Discovery & Clarity Session

  • initial questionnaire
  • follow up questions
  • initial 90 minute conversation via zoom 
  • Follow up emails
  • Final 90 minute conversation

This allows us a chance to explore your expertise and where you might like to take it,  along with answering any questions you may have.  I will do some initial research and provide a follow up email with my thoughts.

Limited availability of 2 per month



payable in advance


Hands-on Expertise & Collaborative Implementation

This signifies a dedicated beginning. Together, we'll amplify your expertise and elevate your stature in your domain.

Together, we'll refine your brand's voice and message, ensuring it resonates with your ideal clientele. From establishing a compelling online presence to kickstarting effective marketing strategies, we'll equip you with the tools and systems to maintain momentum and achieve your goals.

We 'll help set things up, such as your website, get moving with the marketing, adopt practical systems and tools to stay focused and get things done.

Our collaboration encompasses:

  • Joint planning and execution
  • Continuous mentorship and guidance
  • Crafting and maintaining a dynamic website with SEO optimization
  • Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and, if suitable, Facebook for lead generation
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing assistance

Please note, terms and conditions are applicable.

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