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    The next 30 or more years...transitioning while working, or shifting to self—employment


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    Standing in possibility...means rejecting impossibility and imagining and creating what can be, instead of stewing over what was or settling for what is.  attributed to Benjamin Zander
    • You are going to live longer, and retirement could last
      for 30 or more years.
      Retirement without meaningful work can lead to
      cognitive decline and you age faster.
      You may still want to influence your field of expertise,
      while earning some extra income.
      Transforming and enhancing your capability to use
      your expertise to gain a better future for yourself
      is now critical for a multi-stage life

    Focus on the possibility

    It’s not easy to start a business when you are 50+
    You need to be brave...
    You already have a lot of things going on in your life and
    less time for learning the ins and outs of starting a business.

    I help take the pain out of making your transition or
    the shift to your own business a lot easier
    by helping you explore a range of possible futures.

    Then choosing one that provides you with an exciting purpose,
    focus, and reason to bounce out of bed in the morning.
    This way you can stay focused and know that all the important bases are covered.

    I've made the transition over the last 15 years and have through trial and error
    discovered the ins and outs of what you need to do and how.

    The tactics and systems are reasonably simple — 
    it's the purpose and focus and driving forward that we need to keep an eye on.
    That's where the coaching comes in.

    I will work and collaborate with you on the journey and can make it a whole lot easier for you.

    We'll deal with the things that can stop you moving forward such as:
    What can you do that will give you the lifestyle and happiness you seek?
    What will people think of you?
    What if you make a mistake?
    What if it doesn't work?
    Will people respect you?
    Where do you start?  
    Who will pay you for your expertise?
    Who are they and how do you connect with them?
    What will you charge them?
    Can you make any money?
    How will you survive financially, socially and
    how will it affect your relationships?

    Expert help and support to make the transition


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    If you have found that work no longer satisfies you, and 
you have expert knowledge
    built up over many years of practice— 
shifting to self employment or self-funded professional work, may be one of your options to move forward.

    Sometimes it's a bit lonely trying to do things by yourself, 
    especially if you want the independence and flexibility that comes 
    from starting your own business.

    My promise to you is that I will work with you to:
    Identify the best use of your expertise to create a sustainable business, 

    one that makes sense to you, acknowledges 
who you are, and what you believe.

    Further, I will collaborate with, and advise you on the practical systems,
    practices and tools to run your business profitably and 
work with you to build it and make it happen.

    The journey begins...

    getting started

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    It's easy to get lost and distracted with
    the less important aspects of starting out,
    paying for services, such as logos, websites, business cards.
    Don't do it.

    Most people starting out do the same.
    However, it is the wrong focus to start with.
    You'll end up spending a lot of hard earned money, and
    in many cases waste it.
    You need your money to help make the transition.

    I can help you work on the practical steps to navigate
    what’s really important in terms of
    developing and managing the transition and your new business.

    The transition can start while you are working in your current employment, often a better way to move forward into your possible future.

    Starting points - options for moving forward

    Collaborative journey

    Here's where you start the journey...

    Introductory Offer— Exploring The Possibilities
    To get started I offer an introductory one-on-one 90 minute conversation with you via zoom video, this allows us a chance to explore your expertise and where you might like to take it,
    along with answering any questions you may have in the time allocated.
    Price: $240 payable in advance

    Where next?
    If we both feel that we could work together after the exploration call, and
    we both feel that I am able to help you, then you may like to consider the
    following ongoing collaborative options:

    Transitioning - while you are still working and want to further explore
    options to shift to self-employment in the near future.
    From $600pm

    Shifting Now - implementing our findings to develop your expertise as an entrepreneur,
    either about to retire, have resigned or have taken a redundancy package.
    From $1200pm

    Future Collaboration

    The collaboration component comes in the form of meetings,
    phone calls, emails or online meetings to suit your location.
    There is work to be done, research to undertake, planning and focus required.
    It won't happen overnight and won't be handed to you on a plate, but I will hold your hand and shine a light in the direction you seek.

    I help you work out what you need to do and how.
    Creating work for yourself that has personal meaning, impact and continued income.

    We design a business model that works for you,
    how to get customers, along with the business and the
    marketing know-how and the support you need to get things done.

    Support and Implementation involves supporting you with sourcing and/or implementing your marketing strategy or using our team of experts. This is included in our packages.