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Making the shift to self- employment

  • Sometimes it's a bit lonely trying to do things by yourself,
    especially if you want the independence that comes
    from starting your own business.
  • If you have found that work no longer satisfies you, and
    you have expert knowledge built up over many years of practice;
    shifting to self employment or self funded professional work, maybe an option.
  • My promise to you is that I will work with you to:
    Identify the best use of your expertise
    to create a sustainable business,
    one that makes sense to you, acknowledges

    who you are, and
    what you believe.
  • Further, I will advise you on the practical systems,
    practices and tools to run your business profitably and
    work with you on the journey.  

Are you ready for collaboration?

  • It’s not easy starting a business
    What will people think of you?
    What if you make a mistake?
    What if it doesn't work?
    Will people respect you?
    Where do you start?  
    How do you get customers?
    Who are they and how do you connect with them?
    What will you charge them?
    Can you make any money?
    How will you survive financially, socially and
    how will it affect your relationships?

    It's easy to get lost and distracted with
    the less important aspects of starting out,
    paying for services, such as logos, websites, business cards.

    Most people starting out do the same.
    However, it is the wrong focus to start with.
    You'll end up spending a lot of hard earned money, and
    in many cases waste it.

    I can help you work on the practical steps to navigate
    what’s really important in terms of
    developing and managing your new business.

    Or help you make the shift
    from paid work to your own business.

When you need quick consulting

I use a service called Clarity where you can book a time
for me to call you and discuss any issues or ideas you would like.
This is for a small per minute fee, of just under USD$5 per minute.
it's quick and easy, just work out how much time
you would need to spend with me and call me.

Collaboration options - sorry, no easy 10 steps to...

Transitioning - while you are still working and want to explore options to shift to self-employment in the near future.  

Shifting Now - when you need to get up to speed using your expertise to be an entrepreneur, either about to retire, have resigned or have taken a redundancy package.


The collaboration component comes in the form of meetings,
phone calls, emails or online meetings to suit your location.
There is work to be done, research to undertake, planning and focus required.

I help you choose what you want to do and how.
Creating work for yourself that has personal meaning,
impact and continued income.

We design a business model that works for you,
how to get customers, along with the business and the
marketing know-how and the support you need to get things done.


My rates are from $300 - $1800 per month,
depending on the option that suits your needs.
If this is more than you can afford right now,
please consider the clarity option above, ​
sign up for the ​wisepreneurs newsletter,
or contact me to find out when I will run my next seminar.

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