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    Start your journey with a conversation

    Wisepreneurs Journey
    You wish to climb a mountain. You’re not sure how high you want to go — that peak looks an awfully long way off — but you know you want to get higher than you currently are. You could simply take off on whichever path looks promising and hope for the best, but you’re probably not going to get very far. Or you could rely on a guide who has been to the peak and knows the best way there. That will guarantee that no matter how high you decide to climb, you are doing it in the most efficient, effective way. That best way is deliberate practice...

    Peak, Anders Ericsson & Robert Pool

    Seeking clarity
    A good way to clarify your thoughts about shifting to self-employment or
    future work and where your ideas might take you.
    The process starts with a questionnaire for me to start to get to know you, some follow up questions prior to a 90 minute conversation with me, then more follow up by email and then a final 40 minute conversation.

    We'll explore what you have in mind,
    what questions you have and we can talk about
    some of the issues that you may want to consider.

    It touches on your thoughts for your future,
    issues you may wish to ask about and draw your attention
    to the transitions or what is further involved
    in making a shift to self-employment.

    For some this is sufficient to point them in the right direction,
    reinforce what they have in mind, identify their talent, or
    for those who chose to do so, begin their journey.

    The fee for the clarity session is $800

    "What works is— does it matter? And,
    is it possible to make a living doing something that matters?"

    Seth Godin

    The steps involved
    1. Think about what you would like to achieve by talking with me
    2. Read my guarantee
    3. Make a booking, see below, at a time to suit
    4. Fill in the questionnaire you will be directed to after booking
    5. Set up the zoom software, explained below, to allow us to talk
    6. Put the time and date in your calendar
    7. I will email you details of our meeting and how to connect
    8. Fifteen minutes before our meeting I will email you the login information 
    so we can test your connection and make sure everything is working prior to starting.


    For some, $800 is a lot of money to trust to someone you don't know.
    You may be worried that I won't be helpful, or understand you.
    Your friends or family may say that it's a lot of money to spend for advice.
    It is. 
    We will both have quite a bit of work to do to make this beneficial to you.
    I am prepared to guarantee you, that, if after my final email to you, 
    you don't believe that I have helped you in some way, 
    then I will refund your fee in full.

    The process
    Once you book a time to talk, 
    the page will direct you to an online questionnaire. 
    This will provide me with some background information 
    about you and your journey. 
    I will read what you send me, and do some thinking and research
    before, and after our conversation. 
    I may need to email you for more information prior to our talk.
    I use an easy to set up program, a bit like skype, called zoom for our talk. 
    Instructions to use zoom are below.
    After our talk I will reflect on our conversation and
    send my follow up thoughts a few days later and ask you to do the same.

    How long does this take?
    Our talk online will be for 90 minutes—but that is not all that happens.
    In my experience w'll both end up spending quite a bit of time on this process—reading, reflection and 
    writing our thoughts.
    Allow about 8+ hours.

    Be fair
    I would expect you to be fair about this and to think hard before booking an appointment. 
    Please do not make a booking unless you seriously want to explore options for your future.
    If I don't feel that I can help you on reading your initial information, 
    I will inform you and return your fee.
    How does that sound?

    Due to the work involved I can only accept one booking per week
    To make a booking please choose a time to suit on a Tuesday or Thursday. 

    International time zones are available as a part of the booking process and
    are available as you choose your time for the booking.

    Via Stripe payments and must be paid in order to make your appointment time. 
    Please also check our terms and conditions prior to your booking.

    Online Meetings 
    These are via the zoom app, a bit like skype. 
    You will need to have this set this up prior to our online meeting
     so that you are ready to start on time.
    I will be in touch with you 10-15 minutes prior to the meeting with the instructions to login. 
    You do not need to be a zoom subscriber to do this, just to download the system. 
    You may want to have a quiet room for the meeting without any distractions and a head-set if possible. 
    This makes it easier to communicate without any echoes etc.
    Zoom See instructions here: