Connie Malamed on Mastering the Art of Instructional Design and Online Learning

Transitioning from Teaching Kids to Adults

Since leaving primary teaching 25 years ago, I rapidly discovered how different it is to teach adults.

Despite my shift, I still have this mad thirst for knowledge, so I read widely and signed up for online courses to try and stay sharp.

My big problem is finding the time to complete the courses and read all the books I’ve bought, given my busy writing, podcasting, and client work schedule.

Many of us are in the same boat, trying to learn something new, whether it’s through online courses, attending workshops, or even teaching others.

Enhancing Learning Retention

Making learning stick or creating meaningful content for others can be challenging, especially for those aiming to advance their career, present information effectively, or explain concepts to customers or clients. Mastering these areas equips you with essential communication skills, fostering better understanding and engagement.

Mastering Effective Learning with Connie Malamed

That’s where Episode 31 of the Wisepreneurs Podcast might come in handy, especially if you’re looking for better ways to learn or teach.

My guest, Connie Malamed, brings 25 years of experience in learning and development to the podcast.

Her expertise is making learning effective and engaging. She has written two books on Visual Design and Language and created courses on instructional design and eLearning.

Connie talks about how learning is about more than just taking in information. It’s about making it relevant and engaging, closely tied to real-life work scenarios.

Unpacking Tacit Knowledge: The Unspoken Power of Experience

A big topic we covered was tacit knowledge, the know-how that comes from experience but is hard to put into words.

How to draw out this knowledge from experts to improve learning recognises the value of understanding the more profound, often unspoken aspects of what we know.

Learning is a natural part of being human that never ends. It is packed with challenges and offers countless chances to improve our work and lives. My chat with Connie highlighted this beautifully. Her insights are truly invaluable.

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Each has shared valuable perspectives on the learning process.