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marketing must be continuous

No time for marketing?

The other day one of my clients told me he didn’t want to do any more marketing. He had too much work. Lucky him. But is that a wise idea? Marketing activities need to be consistent and continuous;

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Connect with customers you want

To market, to market; so where are my┬ácustomers? Once you know what sort of business or services you want to provide, you need customers. Customers or clients pay you money. There’s a couple of

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be different

Dance to a different tune

Over the last 20 years of providing a wide range of marketing services to business owners, experience has taught me that the businesses that are narrow in their focus and deep in their knowledge do best. Through

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marketing decisions

Marketing Strategies for the mature entrepreneur

Marketing is a process It’s how you attract, reach out and communicate with your preferred customers or clients. It deals with what you have to offer them. It’s strategic because it’s

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understanding business and startups

Mature entrepreneurs and startups

Understanding Business When I first started out, the only advice I could find were books, the odd video, classes, talking to an accountant, or going along to seminars. None of it really helped me reach

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time is ticking

Starting a business

I quit a well-paying job over 20 years ago thinking that it would be easy to make a living in my own business. Twenty years later I am much wiser and would caution my younger self about doing the same

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How to get started as an older entrepreneur

How to get started for the mature entrepreneur

The attraction of starting your own business Mature entrepreneurs in Australia have started their own business because they may want a challenge, more income and to do good, meaningful work. Work that

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Self employment for the mature professional

The baby boomer generation born between 1946-1964 is retiring, taking redundancy packages or sadly, being retrenched. Their lives will change but many of them are not yet ready to retire. They are healthier

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