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future self photo by ian-dooley

Your future self, goals and aspirations

New Beginnings 2017 is over, and so too the first few months of 2018. We are living longer, more complex lives, both inner and outer. Women have more responsibility than men, with the demands of family,

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Bring me a brilliant specilalist


The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing Marketing and sales is where your business meets the customer and creates the revenue to pay the bills. In this article I refer to outsourcing the bits of

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niche or die

Building a specialist niche business

When businesses suffer from price competition and products and services become a commodity, niche businesses can thrive purely by differentiating and narrowly focusing on what they know best.

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how much to spend on marketing

How much should I spend on marketing?

5% of what? Google by definition is supposed to deliver the best answers for your question, but none so far are very helpful in guiding your decision on how much to spend on marketing. You will need a

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Shut up and listen

I recently watched a wonderful, honest and down to earth 2012 A TEDX talk by Ernesto Sirolli on entrepreneurship. He talked about helping entrepreneurs realise the opportunity they had identified, find

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you're never too old to start a business

Business know-how and shifting to self employment

Necessity or late-career, starting up a business when over 50 If you’re a mature professional, over 50, and want to start a business; you’re an entrepreneur, no matter your age, and a start-up

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make or buy your website

Websites for the self employed professional woman

Getting Attention Look around. People everywhere are looking at their phones. Some of them may be potential customers, or clients. How are they going to find you? Or buy from you? Any business not online

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marketing must be continuous

No time for marketing?

The other day one of my clients told me he didn’t want to do any more marketing. He had too much work. Lucky him. But is that a wise idea? Marketing activities need to be consistent and continuous;

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Connect with customers you want

To market, to market; so where are my customers?Once you know what sort of business or services you want to provide, you need customers. Customers or clients pay you money. There’s a couple of

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be different

Dance to a different tune

Over the last 20 years of providing a wide range of marketing services to business owners, experience has taught me that the businesses that are narrow in their focus and deep in their knowledge do best. Through

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