Thirteenth Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd

ACN 087278368
ABN 46 087 278 368

This is my marketing services firm that I set up originally in April 1999, where I provide a range of marketing services from print to digital.

My work continues to support a range of business, see websites below, along with supporting professional services providers make the shift to self-employment. Please see the about wisepreneurs page on this site for more information on this area.

My work varies from marketing consulting and coaching, to the implementation of building their WordPress websites, hosting, keeping their websites secure, updating and creating the content, creating artwork and posters, SEO, Press Releases, advertising - mostly digital now, Facebook set up, and posts. Videos, slideshows, podcasts, etc. As I mentioned I still work with several larger trade-based firms, sporting clubs, not-for-profits, and health practitioners and specialists.

In that time I have built over 50 WordPress websites and helped their businesses survive and grow.

I continue to use a range of outsourced specialist talent that I have worked with over the years who provide great value for the work they do.

13th Beach Marketing is used for all invoicing and contact details.

Websites that I have built, provide marketing services to and maintain