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make or buy your website

Do I need a business website?

Getting Attention Look around you. People everywhere are looking at their phones or other online devices. If some of them are your customers how are you going to get them to notice you? Or buy from you? Any

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marketing must be continuous

Should you stop marketing when busy?

The other day one of my clients told me he didn’t want to do any more marketing. He had too much work. Lucky him. But is that a wise idea? Strategy and Marketing? Let’s start with Strategy. These

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How to connect with the customers you want

To market, to market and where do I find my customers? Once you know what sort of business or services you want to provide, you’ll need customers. Customers or clients pay you money. There’s

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be different

Dance to a different tune

Over the last 20 years of providing a wide range of marketing services to business owners, experience has taught me that the businesses that are narrow in their focus and deep in their knowledge do best. Through

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business couple and marketing

Grey entrepreneurs, marketing and business models

Marketing and Sales for the older entrepreneur Marketing, and your process for selling your products or services, grows out of your strategy with the focus on how your products or services solve a customer’s

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marketing decisions

Marketing Strategies for the grey entrepreneur

Marketing is a process It’s how you attract, reach out and communicate to your preferred customers or clients deals about what you have to offer them. It’s strategic because it’s about

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understanding business and startups

Older entrepreneurs and startups

Understanding Business I’ve spent over 20 years now trying to come to an understanding of business. When I first started out, all that was available were books, the odd video you could buy, classes,

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starting a business for the over 50's

Starting a business for the 50+ entrepreneurs

I quit a well paying job over 20 years ago thinking that it would be easy to make a living in my own business. Twenty years later I am much wiser and would caution my younger self about doing the same

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you're never too old to start a business

Business Know-How for Olderpreneurs

Necessity or late-career, starting up a business when over 50 Greypreneurs, seniorpreneurs, olderpreneurs – its all the same, if you’re over 50 and want to start a business you’re an

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How to get started as an older entrepreneur

How to get started as a grey entrepreneurs

The attraction of starting your own business, part 1 If you have lost your job, been made redundant, taken early retirement or have chosen to do your thing and quit your job; becoming your own boss is

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